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Planned Litters

Here is a list of our upcoming litters and planned for each breed. For information about a specific parent or breed please contact us. 

If you're interested in joining the paid waitlist for one of our upcoming litters, please fill out the waitlist form.

Trinity x Crosby

Trinity & Crosby.png
First Generation Cockapoos 15-22lbs

Puppies will likely look similar to Trinity’s last litter but will have more white than the 3 of the puppies from her last litter.
The differences will be a little smaller in size than her previous litter.
Puppies will likely be going home around Mid-June. As this timing is not up to us, rather nature, our estimates are, well estimates!

We are happy to announce the birth of Trinity's puppies!

They were born on 4/22/2023.

Please view our Puppies page for availability in her litter.

Abby x Maverick

Trinity & Crosby.png
F1B Mini Goldendoodles 25-40lbs

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Trinity & Crosby.png
Heading 5

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