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Located in the Howell/Brighton/Whitmore Lake Michigan area, we are a family of breeders. 

We have been breeding dogs off and on as a hobby for over 17 years.

We all specialize in our favorite breed of dog.

Our puppies are raised in our homes as we feel this is the best way to ensure the puppies are socialized and ready for their new homes.

By raising the puppies in our homes, they get constant love and attention, and will be used to the smells, sounds and regular activities that happen in a home. Additionally, we have three grandchildren that help us to play with and desensitize the new puppies to children. This is a great benefit in getting the puppies ready for their new home, especially if they will be going to a home with children.

In 2020 we have had to change the way that we manage our puppy selection, purchase and pickup process.

Due to health concerns, we are no longer allowing visitations prior to puppy pick up.

Please contact us for more information. 

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