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About Us


We are Robbins Treasures, located in Southeast Michigan near Brighton/Howell. We are a family of breeders raising our favorite dog breeds together. Together we have been breeding dogs for over 17 years.

Ours dogs are our family; they're raised in our homes with many opportunities to learn and grow. We live in an area that allows our dogs the freedom to run, swim and enjoy life with exceptional enrichment.

By raising our puppies in home, they receive constant love and attention. This enables us to cherish each individual puppy from birth until they leave our homes to become a furever family member with you.

We dedicate ourselves to responsible breeding, training and rehoming our puppies. We strive to provide our buyers and puppies with a positive experience throughout their entire journey with our family.



All of our parents are health tested and cleared through Embark. We breed for health first and temperament secondary. Our adult dogs have also undergone OFA health certifications for hips, elbows, knees, heart and eyes. We strive to provide a healthy, long-lived companion for our adoptive families.

We will not breed a dog that does not have good temperament. All of our adults are sweet, playful, intelligent and love people.

In our program, training begins very early on so that by the time they are 8 weeks and ready to go to their Furever Home, they are already learning basic commands, crate training and potty training.

Puppy Inclusives

In addition to the health clearances of our parent dogs, all of our puppies receive physicals throughout their first 8 weeks. They go to their new homes up to date on their vaccinations and deworming. They have a complete vet check and physical done with a Health Certificate from our veterinarian. We also include a 2 year health guarantee for all of our puppies.

When they go home you will receive an entire Puppy Welcome packet. This will include all medical records, informational pamphlets, training tips and recommendations along with their daily schedules. You will also go home with a bag of puppy food, a Momma scented blanket, littermate scented bandana, assorted toys, treats, grooming supplies and a throw blanket to snuggle with.

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